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Firefighter For Life Hard iPhone | All Models

Firefighter For Life Hard iPhone | All Models

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"Never Give Up, Never Give In, Fight Till You Lose Or Fight Till You Win...
Never Let Up, Never Let Down, Never Let The Frightened See Your Frown, 
Wield Your Weapons, Conquer All Fears, Work Till Your Sweat Replaces Their Tears...
Learn From Your Losses, Savor Your Wins, Prepare For Your Next One And Battle Again!"

Being a Firefighter is a LIFE LONG decision and deserves the recognition that other high risk professions get... So we wanted to create a phone case that allows Firefighters everywhere to showcase their pledge to the cause with a unique and custom design.

Angel wings in the back with a full mask and hose tips with a ribbon that says "Firefighter for Life!"

Grab Yours Now While Supplies Last - Simply Choose Your Model!

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